Customer Testimonials


Being a family based business we are always grateful to hear the comments from our many customers. Read below to learn what some folks are saying about the service and products found on our Shop Carolina websites.

Victoria Wrote:
Dear Kirk, I want to thank you for your rapid response to this issue last week. As of yesterday (less than one week since my email to you) I received a replacement of the entire product - not just the defective part. I have three cocker spaniels and am part of an online cocker spaniel forum of over 3000 members. Yesterday I posted what had happened and the responses I got from both your company and Outward Hound. Many dozens of people contacted me to say they were going to make note of the sites because that is the type of business they want to do business with themselves. Thank you again for your help and I hope you also forward this to your Outward Hound contact.

Katie Wrote:
I would just like to commend you on your company's exemplary customer service.  I work for a marketing agency that has a sub-business of e-commerce for one of our clients so I know how stressful things can get at times.  I also know how questions can go unanswered which is why  I was shocked to have received a message from you no more than an hour after I initially emailed.  If only everyone handled their business this way!  Thanks again!

Tom Wrote:
Kirk and everyone, I couldn't believe you called me within a couple of minutes after I'd sent the email enquiry. I see where so many testimonials compliment you on your customer service, and I can only agree wholeheartedly with all of them. I also want to add a word about your products: superb! The Amish Gardens tables arrived more quickly than the estimated schedule you suggested; they were simple to assemble; and the exceptional quality was a surprise at these great prices. Their good looks and simple elegance have drawn compliments from every friend who's visited so far. We are pleased beyond words with your entire enterprise.

Phil Wrote:
Kirk, Just to give you some positive feedback; it was exactly because you have put the attention into your site, that I ordered from you. All of the other sites I went to look at the O'Donnell product, had really poor information, pictures, and conflicting measurements. It was your clear pictures, and extensive details about the product that convinced me to order from you. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you.

Pat Wrote:
I wanted to thank you for helping me out with my order. Both you and (I believe it was your husband) went out of the way to make sure that I was taken care of and I appreciate that. I received my order today as scheduled through UPS and I was very happy. It isn't everyday that you meet such nice people. So, just wanted to say thank you!

Tina Wrote:
Thank you so much!!!! Nothing beats doing business with a company owned by real people who care about their customers -- and who sell American made products too!! It's such a rarity (and a pleasure). I'm passing the word along. Thanks again.

Devon Wrote:
I have to say I am impressed with your company.  Most businesses are not as accomodating as you have been and it is much appreciated.  We own our own business and 99% of it is done over the internet.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and it is very refreshing to see that you do right by your customers too.  I would recommend your company without hesitation. Thank you.

Rob Wrote:
I just wanted to say thanks. This time of year that is supposed to be about kindness to often results in it's being overlooked. Your representative went beyond trying to make a sale and tried to help me think of alternative solutions. I tried to find the item locally but could not. The integrity and honesty conveyed to me over the phone by Petsnap tells me that I am dealing with a quality vendor

Chris wrote:
The prompt and courteous service I received from your staff was beyond my expectations. The experience was better than what I get at a local retail shop. I'm totally impressed!